Dating Advice for Beyond the Fridge

This week’s tip: Cook for your Valentine.

As I’ve always said, most of our dates revolve around eating and drinking. Valentine’s Day happens to be one of them.

Now, in my opinion, Valentine’s Day sucks. (It’s no coincidence that its initials are VD) Though it was invented for a nobler cause, today it has one purpose: to sell you shit that you’d never buy at marked up prices.

For couples, the holiday’s industry makes it well known that if you don’t spend enough money, you truly don’t love each other. (And only six weeks after tapping us out over Christmas, no less)

For singles, it’s a harsh reminder that you’re well…single. And you best work hard to have a Valentine, or once again, you won’t be worthy enough to spend tons of money next year. (Next Week’s Valentine’s Day Dating Tip will be for my Single readers)

Luckily for me, I married a woman who sees Valentine’s Day the same way that I do.

So my advice to you this: host your Valentine at your pad for a romantic dinner. This way, you still celebrate the holiday, plus score a Hat Trick in the process:
• You avoid the restaurant crowds and price fixe menus.
• You impress your Valentine with your hard work and romantic side.
• You save major beanage.

Here’s a good Valentine’s Day Cheat Sheet, care of Food & Wine: http://www.foodandwine.com/valentines-day

Now, when it comes to a gift, I like ones that tie into the dinner you’re hosting, plus provide ammo for future dates to come.

For example, buy your Valentine a Cook Book and use one of its recipes to prepare the meal. You can also buy your Valentine a membership to a Wine Club and enjoy the first shipment with your V-Day meal in the process. (You can’t go wrong with Lambert Bridge if you’re looking: lambertbridge.com)

As a guy, I guess you can go the lingerie route, but frankly I don’t get it as a gift. Yeah, I get the saucy factor and love how women look in lingerie. But if he buys it, isn’t it really a gift for him? If she buys it, isn’t it really a gift for her?

And the fact is, women look sexiest when they take their lingerie off. So paying to put obstacles in the way of that doesn’t seem like a bonus.

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