Dating Tips from Stonehill’s Bag of Tricks

Here are 3 tried and trusted First Date Tips…

1. Cocktail Time

Unless you’re in AA, skip the coffee and go for a drink. There’s a reason this shit’s worked for centuries. It’s old school, classy, and a great way to loosen up and bond over a bev.

I understand drinks can get expensive. But this can be the beginning of the rest of your life. She’s worth the $25 investment. (We’ll get into manners another time, but I’m assuming the guy’s paying for the 1st date) If you’re a starving artist, grab a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck and find a spot with a cool view.

Added-Bonus: If you drink and your date doesn’t, it’s good to know from the start. Personally, I wouldn’t be a great match with someone I couldn’t enjoy a bottle of wine with.

2. Plan a Step Date

For those unfamiliar with a Step Date, here’s how it works…pick a casual restaurant you like that doesn’t require a reservation. Then take your date to a bar a block away.

If you hit it off over a drink, you Step the Date up to dinner. Ask if she’s hungry, she says yeah and holy crap, there just happens to be this great spot around the corner.

If there isn’t a love match, you call it a night. Neither one of you wants to be stuck for 2 hours chewing food across the table from each other.

Added-Bonus: you get to confirm your date’s not too high maintenance to walk a block or two.

3. Cash is King

I always paid for a first date with cash. Now, why would an Airline Miles Whore like me miss out on all those points?

Cause if it didn’t work out, I didn’t want to be reminded a month later when I got my credit card statement that I wasted my hard-earned money on a dead-end date.

With cash, when the date is over, it’s over and you move on. If you get to a 2nd date on, time to use your credit card. Those miles will come in handy for that future weekend getaway.

Added-Bonus: if you hit it off, she’ll find it hilarious (and flattering) down the road that she’s now worthy of a credit card (and monthly reminder that she’s well worth the investment ☺).

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