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I’m back in the online dating game. I’ve just been too busy with work and haven’t met anyone lately.

Here’s the fridge of Katie. We just spoke on the phone, had a good convo and I asked her to send me a pic of her fridge. She laughed her ass off when I told her about your blog and sent me the attached.

What do you think? Should I take her out???



Unless this girl’s fridge is a freak of nature, you’re in a place right now where you should go out with her, along with everyone you can. Dating is like a muscle and you have to exercise it. If you don’t, you’ll treat every date that comes along as a bigger deal than you should and your dates will smell that, not a good smell.

That said, the more you know about her, the better. Lets dive in and see what her fridge tells us….

Tune in Wednesday for the Fridge Analysis!


I know this is not fridge related, but I had a girlfriend advise me recently to not return a guy’s texts or calls and quoted The Rules that it’s a girl’s job to keep a guy chasing them…thoughts?



When I read The Rules a zillion years ago (Warner Books, 1995), I was like WTF. Here’s a best-selling book that’s telling a whole generation of women to ‘rarely return his calls’. What does that mean? Only go out with stalkers??

If I called a girl and she didn’t return my call, maybe and I mean, maybe I’d shoot her an email or text just to make sure the message got through. If I didn’t hear back from there, I was out for sure.

Why wouldn’t I be? She made clear that she wasn’t interested. And that’s fine. I’d rather know than to waste time on the wrong person.

Dating is like Sales and the most valuable lesson I learned in Sales was this: Get to the ‘no’. Meaning if a prospect was dead, move on and don’t waste time.

Half of my friends are women and every one of them would be skeeved by a guy who kept trying to contact them after they made clear they weren’t interested by not responding.

If you’re interested, call the freakin’ dude back.


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